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Combination logos seamlessly blend text and symbols, offering a harmonious fusion that captures the essence of a brand while ensuring instant name recognition. This versatile logo type wields the power of imagery and typography, striking a balance that elevates brand communication. The challenge lies in skillfully integrating these elements to create a cohesive, uncluttered design.


Combination logos have the advantage of conveying both the brand's visual identity and its name, amplifying recognition. By marrying visual cues with textual clarity, they form a holistic representation that resonates with diverse audiences.


Consider the iconic McDonald's logo – the golden arches, symbolizing the entrance to their establishments, beautifully integrate with the brand's name in bold typography. The Starbucks logo combines the enchanting siren with the brand's name, encapsulating its commitment to quality and experience. Microsoft's four-color square signifies its versatility and innovation while incorporating its name.

Creating a compelling combination logo requires meticulous attention to the placement, size, and interplay of text and symbol. Each element must enhance the other, resulting in a design that is memorable, legible, and visually pleasing. When executed effectively, combination logos encapsulate a brand's essence in a unified emblem that speaks to both the eyes and the mind.


Examples: Taco Bell, Toblerone, Dropbox, CVS, Dove, and NBC.

Logo Design - Combination Marks Logo

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