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Emblem logos, characterized by their badge-like structure, weave text and symbols together into a unified shape. These logos exude an aura of tradition and authority, making them a popular choice for institutions, governmental bodies, and sports teams. Their design, reminiscent of historical crests, communicates a sense of heritage and reliability.


The distinct trait of emblem logos is their cohesion, where typography and imagery are intertwined, often enclosed within a circle, shield, or other geometric forms. This integration imparts a sense of unity and solidity, projecting a message of strength and timelessness.


Emblem logos find their home in educational institutions such as Harvard University's crest, with its regal lion and book motif. Governmental bodies like the FBI employ emblem logos to convey authority and trust. Sports teams like the NFL's Chicago Bears use emblems to embody a sense of pride and community.


However, designing emblem logos requires careful consideration due to their intricate nature.


Examples: Starbucks, Stella Artois, Harley-Davidson, and NFL.

Logo Design - Emblem Logo

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