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Monogram logos, also known as lettermarks, are a form of typography-based logos where a brand's initials are creatively intertwined to form a distinct emblem. These logos serve as concise and memorable representations of brands, often prompting people to refer to the abbreviated version of the brand's name in conversation. Think of IBM and NASA – these monogram logos succinctly encapsulate their extensive titles.


Lettermarks possess an elegant simplicity, condensing a brand's identity into a compact visual entity. These logos shine particularly in industries where name recognition is paramount, offering an effective way to communicate brand essence with minimal design elements.


Consider the interlocking "CC" of Chanel, a symbol of timeless luxury. IBM's bold blue lettermark is synonymous with technological innovation.


Examples: HBO, IBM, NASA, CNN, HP, and Louis Vuitton.

Logo Design - Monogram Logo

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